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The Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras at Home

At J&A Security Systems, we are experts in providing a range of products to enhance site security. From our base in Exeter, as part of our home intruder alarms, we offer CCTV camera installation. Today we are going to focus on the benefits of installing these systems at your home or business. CCTV stands for Closed-circuit television, and installation allows each camera to record what is happening in the area in which it is placed.

Obtain Evidence of Criminal Activity

Installing CCTV cameras means you will have access to the filmed footage, which can act as evidence should a crime take place in the area, whether a home or business. In the unfortunate circumstance of having to undergo court proceedings, it offers a safety net, enabling you to provide the footage as evidence of an intruder. In turn, this increases the likelihood that a criminal will be prosecuted for the crime. 

CCTV Deters Crime

Whilst CCTV is advantageous when a crime has taken place, the presence of this kind of technology has also been proven to act as a crime deterrent, making it less likely that a crime will take place. You can place signage to reinforce the message, though cameras can be seen by potential criminals, who will then avoid the area so their identity is not caught on camera, which would connect them to the crime. By installing cameras in visible sight, along with warnings that CCTV is in use, you can stop any crimes before they occur.

Home CCTV Services

Insurance Fee Reduction

CCTV installation can also be an investment, saving you money on your insurance. Properties that have CCTV installed are considered to be more secure by insurance companies, so you could benefit from a reduction in insurance fees. This links back to it being a crime deterrent, making your premises less likely to be broken into. As this then reduces the probability that you would need to make a claim, you can expect a reduction on the premiums on your insurance policy, saving you money each month.

Protect Staff at Your Business

Protecting staff at your business is paramount, especially if your company has lone night workers. CCTV not only protects staff from intruders, but it could also prevent any threatening behaviour from other employees, who would be reprimanded should anything untoward happen, improving your overall site safety.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Having CCTV system installed at your home and business can offer you peace of mind that your business is safe and secure, especially when you’re away from the property. You may also benefit from a system that has remote viewing, which allows you to access the video and audio that your cameras pick up, transmitted to a laptop or mobile phone.

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