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Home and business intruder alarms are still an important part of the safety measures which protect us, our families, and our property from unwanted visitors.  But sometimes, we may hear intruder alarms sounding repeatedly in the distance without eliciting any response.  If you are out all day, do you ever worry that your home burglar alarm may be going off with no one to hear it?

Or what if your home alarm sounds late at night, but there is no obvious threat?  Even the best home intruder alarms may only be able to give you a general idea of what has triggered the system, leaving you frightened and with little information to go on.

Commercial Intruder Alarms Exeter

The latest residential intruder alarms available from J&A Security Systems are designed to address these very issues.  Technology has come a long way since the first home intruder alarms which relied on switches fitted to windows and doors to spot anyone trying to break in.  These days, alarm systems can make use of motion sensors, infrared cameras, and a range of other high-tech devices to track potential threats.  But the biggest advances of all are those which you carry in your pocket every day.

By making use of internet connectivity, our current wireless intruder alarms can provide instant updates on any activity within their area.  This includes letting you know when someone enters or leaves the home, alerting you if the alarm is triggered, and even streaming video from security cameras right to your ‘phone.  You can check who’s at the door or on your path whether you’re at home, in bed, or at work many miles away.  And of course, our commercial intruder alarms offer all these features too.

To learn more, or to enquire about intruder alarm installation, contact J&A Security Systems today.

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