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In uncertain times, making arrangements to protect ourselves and our loved ones from accidental and deliberate threats is something which should be on everyone’s mind.  At the same time, none of us want to feel constantly worried about such matters, so choosing business and domestic security systems which take care of themselves for most of the time is a good idea.  By being prepared, it is possible to have full confidence that your home and business premises, and those within, are as safe as you can make them.

At J&A Security Systems, we are experts at designing and installing domestic and commercial security systems which are tailored to your circumstances, by combining some or all of the following devices:

Access Control

Stay in control of who can enter your premises and when, whether you are present or absent.  Access control systems can make use of swipe cards, key fobs, keypads or other devices.

Automatic Doors

Important for disabled access and activity monitoring as well as security.

Automatic Gates

In attractive wood or metal finishes, automatic gates limit access to your property and give your home an air of exclusivity.

Automatic Barriers

UK businesses need to be just as careful when it comes to site security as those elsewhere in the world.  Our automatic barriers will deter unauthorized visitors and can be locked in the closed position to prevent access.

Intercom Systems

The latest intercoms can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone.  Being able to speak to visitors even when you are not in adds an extra deterrent.


Exeter homes and businesses have been protected by our camera systems for many years now, and these latest models are the most sophisticated we have ever offered.

Intruder Alarms

UK residential security systems have been centred around alarms for many years, and now a new generation of devices are available.

To learn more about our security systems Exeter customers are invited to contact us online.

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We are specialists in all forms of supply, installation and service of CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Intercoms, Automatic Electric Gates, Barriers and Automatic Doors.





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As technology advances our CCTV and Intruder Alarms have advanced to provide you with mobile smart phone and tablet connectivity via an app. You will instantly have access to live/recorded CCTV images and Intruder Alarm notification so your system is always being monitored. This will alert you if there is a security breach leaving you in full control of your security system.

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Security Systems in Exeter
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