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Do You Need Professional Gates & Barrier Suppliers, Exeter? Look No Further!
J&A Security Systems holds over 20 years of experience in the industry, and you won’t find better service than with us!
We live in a world where security is paramount for families and businesses. When we love something dear to us, we work to protect it in the best way that we possibly can. With J&A Security Systems, you don’t just get protection for your home or business – you get an excellent service and competitive rates for the sturdiest gates and barriers Exeter has to offer you.
Your Home Needs Protecting – J&A Security Systems Is Here For You
When you think about the home that you live in, do you think about the people you’re protecting, or do you think about the cost? The cost is inevitably going to cross your mind, and it’s worth considering how good an investment the best gates and barriers Exeter has are.

At J&A Security Systems, we specialise in the supply, installation, and service of both gates and barriers for your home or business. We’ve spent many years ensuring that the customers that come to us have exactly the support that they need for their security needs, and thanks to our commitment to their safety, we’re known for our professional service.
The Benefits Of Gates & Barriers For Your Home Or Business
We all know that the more guards you have for your home or commercial premises, the safer you and your belongings are. Some of the best reasons that you should consider the installation of gates and barriers Exeter are below:
Better Security. Intruders dislike physical obstacles and will likely walk away if they are faced with gates.
Increase in Value. The added security can add to the value of your home.
Curb Appeal. Intricate, wrought-iron gates can look as beautiful as the wooden installations – they look good.
Enhanced Safety For Children. There’s much less of a worry for your children outside playing if gates are stopping them from running into the road.
Convenient. Wireless technology and built-in motors that are staples of automatic gates mean you can control your gate from your car – and why not!
Privacy. The added presence of the best gates and barriers Exeter has to offer enhances your privacy.
Get Your Free Survey Policy Today
At J&A Security Systems, we are well-versed in the high standards required by the security industry. To that end, we ensure that all of our team are Enhanced CRB checked and are fully trained before coming to see you and assess your gate and barrier needs.

As part of our service, we provide you with a free survey policy, and from this, you get a no obligation quote for the works that may be required for your installation. Give us a call today on 01392 247683 and speak to one of our friendly team today. We are confident that we can give you the best service in Exeter – try us!