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Here at J&A Security Systems, we specialise in supplying security systems in Exeter. As part of our services, we can supply and install all access control systems from the Paxton brand. Paxton is the leader in access control systems, allowing you to stay in control of who can enter your premises and when, whether you are present or absent, making use of swipe cards, key fobs, keypads and other devices.

We can design and install proximity fob, token and swipe card systems with all door variations, including both single or double doors. Additionally, we can offer both internal and external readers, as well as remote transmitters, digital keypads, remote buttons, maglocks and electric release systems.

Paxton Access Control

We can supply the simple standalone Paxton Switch2 with fobs and shadow cards for deletion, as well as more complex systems such as the Paxton Net2 Computer, which includes programmable systems to include all user names, access levels, add/delete and block fobs, time and attendance, time zones and more.

It’s possible to link existing systems, as well as upgrade with additional security options such as fire alarm links, automatic doors, barriers and gate control systems. The IP Paxton systems with POE controllers can also be linked into local networks or the internet, allowing for remote viewing and complete control of your system.

You can access the system from your smart phone using the Paxton app. Furthermore, the Paxton Proximity fobs and digital keypads can be integrated into any form of our J&A Security Systems for access control, including intercoms, automatic door, barrier or automatic gate systems.

Suitable for the home or business, we can carry out access control installation systems in Exeter, allowing for employee swipe card systems, and digital keycard systems to make sure only certain people have access to the building. With the Wireless Net2 Airbridge system with Net2 Paxlock, it’s possible to provide programmable fobs or cards for controlled entry to various doors in hotels, areas with multiple occupancy, or office areas.

For more information about our access control services in Exeter, get in touch today.

paxton proximity fobs
paxton proximity fobs
paxton proximity fobs