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Automatic Door Systems

We provide comprehensive automatic door installation packages for any setting.  These include automatic doors for home situations, as well as shops, workplaces and public buildings.

There are many instances in which traditional doors form an unnecessary obstacle to some users.  In high-traffic areas, manual doors can obstruct the free flow of people as each person must pause before passing through.  In special cases such as hospital entrances, automatic door systems can save vital seconds for those in a hurry.  And whether out and about or at home, the disabled or elderly may lack the mobility or strength to use existing doors, especially those equipped with closers.

For busy applications such as shop entrances, sliding doors are usually preferable as they are less likely to get in the way.  With our sliding aluminium automatic doors Exeter can offer a warm welcome to customers.  For internal doorways, swinging wooden doors are usually more appropriate.  Of course, types and materials can be mixed and matched, depending on specific requirements.

Residential Automatic Doors

J&A Security don’t only supply commercial automatic doors.  Many residences, including homes for the elderly, can benefit from residential automatic doors which require minimal force to operate them.  Thanks to our residential automatic doors, Exeter care homes can be made more suitable than ever.  Or for seniors who wish to remain in their own homes, we can install automatic doors for homes anywhere in Exeter.

Besides new installations, we also perform all kinds of automatic door repairs on existing arrangements.  We can get new control boards, battery pack modules and push button units from the suppliers in order to fix malfunctioning or worn-out systems.  If a door has become damaged, automatic door replacement with a similar type of system is usually a simple matter.

Doors can also be set up to use a wide range of access control systems.  With our automatic doors UK premises will remain safe and easy to use.  Contact us to earn more.

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