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All You Need to Know about Home Security

Here at J&A Security Systems, we are specialists in offering a variety of products to enhance site security from our base in Exeter. Today we are going to provide some home security tips by summarising all you need to know about home security.

Assess Your Home Security 

In order to determine how secure your home is, you can assess certain aspects of your home security, which will enable you to identify gaps to improve by both building in new habits and installing security products. Measurements you can take yourself include making sure valuables can’t be seen from the street, keep your entryways well lit, and make sure your post doesn’t overflow when away for extensive periods. You should also make sure your door has a peephole or a camera intercom system to see who is at your door, which is best made from solid wood or metal clad to avoid break-in through any hollows.

Have an Emergency Plan 

Should you have a burglar enter your home, it is best to keep away from them and call the police to avoid direct and potentially dangerous confrontation. Wait in a safe place nearby, such as with a neighbour or in your car. Don’t touch anything if the burglar leaves, in order not to tamper with evidence, but see if you can take an inventory to see what the burglar has taken in order to file a police report and make an insurance claim. Once the police have given the go ahead, take care of yourself and anyone in your home as the aftermath of a break-in can be emotional and leave everyone feeling vulnerable. Clean up and prepare for the future and what security measures you might be able to enhance.

Install Home Security Products 

Home security alarm systems are unfortunately a necessity these days. They monitor your home using various sensors and if you have a small budget, then at a very basic level, you should make sure to have some installed. Nowadays, these systems can also connect to your mobile phone and allow for remote control features and allow you to view the footage on any cameras you may have installed as part of your system. You can monitor your own security systems or you can also pay a monthly fee for a professional monitoring service. Here at J & A Security Systems, we can offer remote access control, automatic doors, gates, and barriers, intercom systems, CCV and intruder alarms for residential, corporate, industrial and retail customers alike.

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