BFT Automation

BFT Automation

At J & A Security Systems, we know that your safety and security is a priority. Keeping yourself and your family safe from danger is one of the most important things that you can do. We understand that you need to know that your security systems are practical and effective at preventing dangers to your property and your loved ones. Because we design and install domestic and commercial circumstances, we ensure that every system is tailored to the needs of the customer as well as the demands of the site. This provides our customers with peace of mind and real security.

One of the reasons that we are so confident in our security systems is that we use high quality components manufactured by BFT Automation. BFT Automation specialise in providing automation products, which means components which are automatically controlled. Amongst a wide range of other products, this specialist manufacturer has a reputation for excellence in gate automation.

What is gate automation?

Gate automation means that the access to your property is controlled by an electronic system which operates without you needing to push the barrier open or shut. By installing your perimeter fence and gate with one of the specialist operation kits from BFT Automation, you get the ease of use which comes from having a gate which can be operated with great ease and efficiency. Triggering the access control causes the gate to quietly open or shut, giving access to the property when you arrive at home or the office, and preventing unwanted visitors from gaining access to the site.

Gate Automation

What are the advantages to using an automatic sliding gate?

There are two ways of answering that question. Firstly, the fact that the gate slides is an advantage. A sliding gate requires minimal free space, unlike a swinging gate which requires a clear area to open and shut. The fact that it is supported as it slides also puts less strain on the connections, making it easy to maintain and use for many years.

The fact that it is an automatic sliding gate also means that it is easy to use. There is never any difficulty in opening or closing the gate because everything is handled by the high quality automated components such as a fast sliding gate operator. You can even open and shut the gate from the comfort of your home or car.

Automation Systems

What sort of access control systems are available?

We provide a range of options in access control systems. We want you to have the right system for your property. A popular choice in access control is a keypad. However, there are other options available in access control technology, including swipe cards and key fobs. The automation systems we install using BFT Automation components ensure that you can operate your gate with ease and simplicity.

For more information, including all enquiries about access automation, please contact our team today. You will find the contact information on the website, and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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