Home Security for Children

Teach Your Children About Home Security

Home Security for Children

When you have children of any age, you want to protect them from any harm. This can include teaching them how to cross the road correctly, to not speak to strangers, or asking for permission to use electrical appliances. However, children can benefit from a sense of independence, and it can feel safer to grant this within the home. At J&A Security we specialise in residential security, offering a range of products that aid in keeping your family safe. Read on for our tips on teaching children about keeping a household secure.

When teaching children about security, you want to get across the importance of maintaining a secure property without instilling fear. For younger children, start with simple explanations and with age you can allow more responsibility. Learning about maintaining a secure household is a great starting point for learning about safety in the outside world, so the two go hand in hand.

Keeping Your Family Safe

An easy way to begin is teaching about strangers at the door. Explain to them why it is unsafe to open to strangers without supervision, or if you don’t feel comfortable with that, tell them that only adults can open the door. It is necessary for children to understand that people may not be who they say they are. Home security cameras at the door are a great way to practise answering the door if you want to allow older children the responsibility. You can contact us for our CCTV Camera Installation Exeter services and find out more about the suitable options we have for families.

Children should always know that there are emergency services that can help them if anything serious were to happen. Reassure them that there are safe adults they can contact for help if need be. Inform them on the appropriate situations to make a phone call to emergency services, for example, a break-in, fire, or injured person. You can even make it fun with roleplay calls so that they feel confident and understand exactly what they will need to do.

If your children are old enough to stay in the house alone, teach them about locking doors and windows. When they reach double digits in age, make sure they know how to set the alarm system just in case they accidentally set it off or need it on. Let them know a password is for residents of the house only. Also, find people you can trust for a list of reliable contacts if any problems occur. These can include family members or trustworthy neighbours. Our Home Intruder Alarms Exeter team is on hand to guide our customers in choosing a family-friendly option.

Home Security Advice

Although we live in a world of sharing our personal lives on social media, the information on the internet can become an advertisement for burglars. Advise children of all ages to be wary of sharing expensive purchases or items within the household online. The internet has made it easier to be targeted, despite having security installed it is important to emphasise that safety starts with being cautious.

Home security for children can be a great learning experience for all the family. We hope our advice will help you and your children feel that bit more secure at home.

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