Sliding Gate Benefits

Benefits of Installing Electric Gates

Electric Gate Benefits

An electric sliding gateway might not be the first thing you think of when deciding how to secure your household, but it can be hugely beneficial, adding a hurdle for any potential intruders. At J&A Security Systems, we specialise in offering site security through a range of services. Electric sliding gates are fast becoming a popular option to enhance home security. You may be a new homeowner eager to protect your new home, or simply looking to replace a traditional entryway with something more modern and high-tech. Read on to find out the sliding gate benefits that this must-have feature can bring.

Manual swing entrances have long been an established form of providing security, so it only makes sense to update them. With the addition of electrical automation, the need to get out of a vehicle and physically push and pull is gone. The wireless built-in technology makes for ease and convenience of use. You will know they are secure, as they will automatically close and lock, eliminating the worry of whether they are locked properly.

Sliding Driveway Gates

Along with the convenience is better safety and security. Automatic driveway gates already pose a deterrent for intruders because of greater difficulty getting past them. They also help reduce the risk of parked motor vehicles or bicycles from theft. Many designs have built-in security features, including beams and automatic locks, providing so much more than just an obstacle. You can also choose design options that conceal any view of your property, improving privacy.

If you have limited space, you do not have to give up on the idea of installing one. The need for room to open and close is no longer necessary. Sliding driveway gates take up less space, enabling the opportunity for a driveway and parking space that would have been impossible with a swing option. This functionality makes them more versatile for a variety of settings, including in front of an upward slope. If maintaining the exterior aesthetics of your property is incredibly important to you, they can be customised to fit with the overall landscape and architecture, or even enhance the appearance with a sense of grandeur.

Automatic Electric Gates

If you are wondering how to improve the value of a property, they can help. Automatic electric gates are a durable, state-of-the-art long-term investment. If you ever decide to put your property on the market, added security increases value and will encourage buyers to see your property as a high-value purchase. They can even help lower home insurance costs as the property will be considered more secure, which in turn will increase appeal to buyers.

We hope that you now have a good understanding of the electric gate benefits for your home. For more information or advice on keeping your home safe, please contact us via email at You can also contact us by calling either 01392 247683, 07936286007, or 07719911344, to speak to a member of our dedicated team directly. We will be happy to offer our services and answer any of your questions.

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