Ensure New Home is Safe

New Home Security Checks

Ensure New Home is Safe

When it comes to the security for a new home, you need peace of mind. But what exactly is peace of mind? There are two important aspects to security that can give you the assurance that you can trust your personal belongings to be safe and proceed with enjoying the life you have made for yourself in your new surroundings.

First, you need to know that you have adequate protection systems in place, and that you have all the equipment needed to provide the level you personally require, and secondly, they must be largely self-sufficient. Being able to relax in the knowledge that your home security is not going to let you down when you most need it, so that you don’t have to keep these matters in the forefront of your mind, will ultimately make you feel more yourself in your own space, thus providing true peace in your mind. Therefore, finding a home or a company that can provide you with a high-quality equipment that you can always trust, is paramount.

The vast majority of homes available in Britain were built before the 1980’s. So, any property you are looking at for purchase will likely be at least 40 years old. Unfortunately, the security needs of homeowner have changed significantly since the 80’s, in that burglars and other threats have increased in general, and the tactics and methods used to infiltrate a home has also evolved. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of protection for your property that people of past decades achieved.

Home Security

In fact, with modern technology, in some cases, these measures are better than ever before, meaning you can ensure your new home is safe and secure, whether in the premises, or out and about. However, checking the area’s crime rate and other stats should always be carried out by anyone looking to move to a new area.

When looking for a new home, the main concerns of the buyer is usually the location, the space, and any extra features such as a back garden, spare bedrooms and office space, or utility rooms and conservatories. However, there should also be a run through of a home safety checklist as well. Apart from the usual safety checks such as electrical and gas safety, what other checks can you do to provide peace of mind?

Checking your New Home

What are the windows and doors like on the property? What about other access points, such as an extra fire escape, or a granny flat? What about the sheds and other outbuildings? These are the first fundamental home security checks you can carry out even when you first visiting the building during a home viewing with the estate agent.

Does the building have any current safety measures in place, such as a working intruder alarm, or an intercom system with a camera also known as smart or video door bells? Are they in good working order? Do they need servicing to keep them up to date with local security needs?

Ultimately, whether you have security systems in place or not, you may want to add to your security checks when looking for a house, if there is a reliable and expert security service and professional provider nearby. If you are looking for a home in Devon, J & A Security Systems are here to help. We provide a whole host of security measures to help ensure your new house is secure.

We provide a choice of security equipment such as those that provide you with access control through automated gates, and the use of key fobs and swipe cards, as well as a choice of intruder alarms and CCTV camera installation services. For more information, contact us at J & A Security Systems today. We would be more than happy to answer any enquires related to a home or area you are looking into moving to, for your added peace of mind before purchase.

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